#NewMusicFriday: LIVING FICTION – Debut Album by Nevertel

Before I get to today’s new album, I have a little story to share. And, yes, it pertains to the band and album. My husband is the quality manager at a metal fabrication factory. The other day, he came home and told me that one of the guys at his workplace is in a band. I admit to doing the eye roll thing. Countless people are “in a band” and want to be rock stars – or they’re writing a book, which is the other thing that makes me do the eye roll. But I am ever the optimist, so I checked out the band’s site. The first thing I see in the band’s description is that they play rap, hip-hop,and rock. I don’t like rap. Or hip hop. At all. I’m not sure I managed to suppress the groan before I clicked ‘play’. And then…

Surprise! The music is good. I mean, really good. I hear a heavy Linkin Park influence, the kind of rap that is woven into the singing, part of the rock rather than in place of it. The music is creative. These guys have talent. And, so, I officially apologize for the eye rolls and the groan.

The band I’m talking about is called Nevertel, and they have just released their debut album, Living Fiction.

Living Fiction

  1. Living
  2. Our Rivals
  3. Paranoid
  4. The Story
  5. The Falling Out
  6. Live for Me
  7. End This Way
  8. Riddled Mind
  9. Fiction
  10. Rebound






Here’s a fun fact about this video: It was shot at my husband’s workplace. This is Rebound:

This one is Paranoid:

Meet the Band:


Raul Lopez
Jeremy Michael
Alec Davis
Kyler Worley
Jon Hill

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

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  1. I’be been there since day one. These guys are so talented, totally committed and genuinely great people. There is huge success in their musical future.


  2. […] This past Friday night, my husband and I went to a show at The Orpheum Theater in Ybor City, an area that is part of Tampa, Florida. We went specifically to see a local rock band called Nevertel. Last April, the band released Living Fiction, their fantastic debut album, which I reviewed on this blog. If you missed that post, you can find it here: LIVING FICTION – Debut Album by Nevertel […]


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