Track of the Day – VOICES OF EXTREME ‘Who Am I’


A few years ago I reviewed Voices of Extreme’s impressive album ‘Break The Silence’ (read my review), and now the band is gearing up to release another album called’Passion, Love & Grace’. Since the last time out, the band has been joined by Dan Spitz on guitar, formerly of Anthrax.

More about the band:

Voices of Extreme is an American rock band, formed in New York in 2004.

The band has been described as paving its way into unknown territories of genres not present, most common terms are explosive hard rock, melodic rides of artistic tapestries, alternative rock, funk, blues lap slide guitar, with a taste of thrash. All coming together to form a musical journey of music and emotion resemblant of a familiarity in heart, but breaking new barriers once again.

The band’s line-up:

Don Chaffin: Vocals, Guitar, Engineering, Co-Producer, Videographer

Dan Spitz: Lead Guitar, Weissenborn lap slide guitar, Engineering, Co-Producer

Steve Nichols: Drums & Percussion

Steven G. Knight: Bass

Voices of Extreme’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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