Sampling Matthew Good’s Chaotic Neutral

Matthew Good has a distinctive sound. His lyrics are deep and soulful. His vocals are plaintive, almost begging us to pay attention, not so much to him personally, but to what he’s trying to tell us. He spent a lot of years as the singer for Matthew Good Band, which is when I first encountered his unique style. The band split more than a decade ago, but, fortunately for music lovers, Matthew Good continues on.

Last year, Good released another brilliant album in his long line of successes, both personally and in his previous life with the band. The album is called Chaotic Neutral.

Chaotic Neutral

  1. All You Sons And Daughters
  2. Moment
  3. Kid Down The Well
  4. No Liars
  5. Harridan
  6. Tiger By The Tail
  7. Girls In Black
  8. Cloudbusting (featuring Holly McNarland)
  9. Cold Water
  10. Army Of Lions
  11. Los Alamos


This one is All You Sons And Daughters:

it’s time to get up
rub your eyes and set off into the sun
you know we don’t get enough around here…

Here is Kid Down The Well:

The lights of fire engines
the neighbours standing on the grass
parents clutching their own, fighting heart attacks
and the kid down the well that’s me…

Matthew Good
Matthew Good

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