Katatonia releases ‘Old Heart Falls’, 1st Single from The Fall of Hearts

Katatonia has released a lyric video for Old Heart Falls, the first single from their upcoming album, The Fall of Hearts. The song is dark, heavy, metal magic.

For every war that will rage inside me
I hear the sound
Of another day in this vanishing life

Here’s a look at the album, which is scheduled for release on May 20:

The Fall of Hearts

  1. Takeover
  2. Serein
  3. Old Heart Falls
  4. Decima
  5. Sanction
  6. Residual
  7. Serac
  8. Last Song Before The Fade
  9. Shifts
  10. The Night Subscriber
  11. Pale Flag
  12. Passer



Jonas Renkse – Vocals
Anders Nyström – Guitar
Roger Öjersson – Guitar
Niklas Sandin – Bass
Daniel Moilanen – Drums

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

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