Gig review: Puppet Rebellion – Upstairs at The Garage – London -2/4/16

Manchester band Puppet Rebellion brought a touch of class to the venue at Upstairs at The Garage in London last night. I’ve been following this band for a while now and love all their songs. They are the complete package as far as bands go. They have awesome songs that sound just as good on the record as they do live; they have a passion for the music that comes across in their live set; and they always have a professional attitude to their music with brilliant videos to accompany their songs.

They ended their spring UK tour with an excellent gig in London.

I was thrilled to finally have the chance to see them play live. With some bands the music sounds better on record but not so with Puppet Rebellion. The live versions were just as brilliant as the studio versions. They played songs from all their EPs/singles and they even played a new song, which also sounded fantastic. One thing that is the mark of a great band is that they are able to play a new song and keep the audience’s attention. Puppet Rebellion certainly did that last night. The crowd were under the band’s spell throughout in what was an enthralling show. Puppet Rebellion’s indie/guitar pop is exceptionally good. They have thought-provoking lyrics and catchy choruses. Most of their songs have anthemic qualities that are perfect for playing live as the crowd were joining in with a lot of the songs.

This is a band to watch. I believe they’ll be playing much bigger venues before too long.

Catch them at the Kendal Calling festival or Tramlines festival in July.

You can read an interview I did with Jim Halliwell (bass) last year when I was blogging for the UK Arts Directory, here:

Check out their EPs/Singles on iTunes:

Keep up with all their news:






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