EP review – HAILMARY ‘Evolve Dissolve’

Hailmary_EVOLVE_DISSOLVEI’ve been a fan of Australian band Hailmary ever since I listened to their awesome album ‘Choice Path Consequence Solution’ some years ago, and this crew is still rock-solid: they consistently deliver well-crafted and ambitious tunes. Their latest release is the EP ‘Evolve Dissolve’, a 5-track sequel to their previous EP ‘Navigate The Sunrise’. Since that release, the band has been off on an international adventure: touring the UK in September, 2015, supporting Ugly Kid Joe and Richards/Crane through England and Scotland.

‘Evolve Dissolve’ is a terrific outing for the band, showing off their grunge-tinged hard rock, and immersing the listener in a rich, dark and heavy world of sound that kept me hooked from start to finish. As always with Hailmary, their music gets even better with each listen: there’s a complexity and depth to their material that creeps up on you, revealing new shades and nuances every time you listen to the tracks.

The EP throws you right into the thick of things with ‘Fiction Burns’ – a hefty and heavy beauty of a track. Once the guitars let loose together it’s just pure bliss.

HailMary_2015The atmospheric ‘Equilibrium’ has a weighty groove and swing, and leads into what is my favourite track on this EP: the wondrous ‘Longest Line’. This is an awesome track: a hard-rocking gem with a hooky melody, vocals that just seize your heart, and a glowing, wistful vibe. I’m tagging this as one of my favourite tracks by Hailmary, ever.

Next up is the hellaciously thunderous and mesmerizing ‘Mind Casualty’, followed by the smooth and glistening final track ‘Prove Me Wrong’.

‘Evolve Dissolve’ is another keeper from Hailmary. This band has a real gift for making complex and gripping music that is simultaneously heavy enough to shake your bones, and beautiful enough to pierce your heart. The EP is officially out April 8th: for anyone with a taste for heavy, hard rock with heart, brains, and soul, this is a must-have.

Hailmary is heading out on an Australian EP-release tour in April. All the info is available on the band’s Facebook-page, and on the poster below.


Hailmary’s Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / ReverbNation / Bandcamp


  1. Fiction Burns
  2. Equilibrium
  3. Longest Line
  4. Mind Casualty
  5. Prove Me Wrong


  • Kevin Curran – Vocals/ Guitar
  • Vas Shevtsov – Drums
  • Mick Quee – Bass
  • Paul Cush – Guitar/Vocals


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