Gig review: Colour of Noise and Toseland, The Borderline, London – 22 March 2016

The gods of rock ‘n’ roll were smiling on The Borderline in London last night as two of their finest creations played fantastic sets.



First on stage were Colour of Noise. This band have fast become one of my favourites. Their debut album, released via Pledge Music last year, is full of brilliant tracks. (You can read my review of that at the following link: )


I saw them last December and enjoyed it immensely, so was looking forward to seeing them again. The Borderline was already quite full when Colour of Noise took to the stage. They started with their song “You Only Call Me”, an upbeat rocking track that was perfect to get the crowd in the mood. They followed with a few more songs from the album, including “Can You Hear Me?” and “Head On”.


They also treated us to an exclusive new song “Lucky Number Seven”. It sounded great and is catchy—I was singing along by the end of the song 🙂 They finished with “Heavy”, which is probably the slowest song on the album, a bluesy number, one of my favourites.

This is a talented band who really bring their music to life at their live shows. They remain engaged with the crowd but it’s also clear that the music is very important to them in the way they present the show. There’s a lot of passion and energy behind it. Matt Mitchell (also of Furyon) looks like an iconic rock frontman, and his voice is extremely versatile; he’s a singer who really sounds like he means what he’s singing. The guitarist, Bruce John Dickinson (ex-Little Angels) has a strong stage presence, also. He originally had the vision for creating this band, which led to the fabulous music that we are now able to enjoy. If you missed my interview with Bruce last year you can catch it here and find out more about the band:

Colour of Noise are a band who seem very comfortable on stage. If you like rock/blues/classic rock, you should definitely try to catch them live. A fun show.

Being a big Colour of Noise fan, I had only really intended to go to their gig and maybe watch one or two songs from Toseland. It was a work night, and I’d intended to leave early… that didn’t happen! 😀

As soon as Toseland took to the stage and played the first song “Living In A Moment” I was hooked. Wow! This is a band with a lot of energy and they also know how to involve the crowd and make them feel like part of the show. I didn’t know much about the band apart from the bio information on their website and I’d also listened to the new album “Cradle The Rage” when it came out because I knew the gig was coming up. Seeing this band live is probably the best way to appreciate them and their awesome music. I would definitely recommend them. I really like their sound, with heavy guitar riffs and lyrics that make a statement.


They played songs from the new album as well as older songs from their EP “Hearts and Bones” and album “Renegade”. The Borderline was full to the brim by the time Toseland came on and there were many fans sporting the band’s T-shirts. The singer also said that their new album reached number 4 in the rock chart and made it into the top 40 album charts. They are on the rise and it’s not surprising. I absolutely loved the show.


Keep an eye out for both of these bands because they are not to be missed!

I think there are still a few tickets remaining for the last three days of the tour. Catch them if you can!


Colour of Noise links:


Toseland links:





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