One of the Best Songs Ever Written – IRON SKY by Paolo Nutini

I’m drawn to music that reaches deep into my soul. I want to feel it, to ache with it, to close my eyes and get swallowed by the emotion. I don’t know why this sort of music is what I seek, but it’s always been that way. And it’s not easy to find. There needs to be the perfect combination of lyrics, vocals, and music. If any one of the three ingredients is lacking, the power of the song is lost.

Now, forgive me while I step slightly outside the parameters of “rock” music. (Sorry, Maria! Please don’t fire me! šŸ™‚ ) I’m not really sure where this song fits. But it moves me like few other songs, in my entire life, have been capable of doing. And so I’m sharing it with you today, because, if you haven’t heard it, you might be missing out on one of the best songs ever written. The song is called Iron Sky, and it’s by the brilliant Paolo Nutini.

Iron Sky is on the Caustic Love album, which I bought the day it was released in the US. The entire album is fantastic. If you feel like stepping slightly outside the rock boundaries and listening to something leaning more toward soul, definitely give it a listen.

Paolo Nutini

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