Interview with Vladimir



I first came across Vladimir when I was posting my blog last week about Puppet Rebellion playing the Tramlines Festival. When I listened to some of their music on Soundcloud, I was instantly hooked.

You can currently get a few of their songs as free downloads on Soundcloud:

or Bandcamp:

You can listen to a premiere of their new single (out on 29th April 2016) on Clash Music:


I invited the band here to find out a bit more about them.

Interview with Vladimir


How did the band get together?

We’ve all known each other for a few years from around Dundee, we came together through a shared interest in our music tastes and creating music.

Who are your musical heroes?

We’re all big fans of Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Cure, Joy Division, and Interpol.

Have you always wanted to be musicians?

We’ve all have different musical backgrounds, but we’ve come together over the past few years to focus primarily on what we’re doing right now. I’d say we’re more interested in what we’re doing together musically as opposed to being musicians.

Who thought of the name Vladimir?

We all just thought it would be a cool a name to have.

Who writes the songs for Vladimir, and where does the inspiration come from?

We all get together regularly and write songs together in our practice room. We don’t really write songs individually, everything we’ve written has definitely been a collaborative work. We’re just four guys from Dundee, and that’s what we write about.



Have you met any of your musical idols and were they as nice/horrible as you thought they would be?

Playing with The Libertines was a great experience, especially being asked personally by Pete after he’d heard our music. Meeting him and the rest of the band in Nottingham was cool, they’re all dead chilled out and said they’d enjoyed our set.

Who are the best live band you’ve seen recently?

Autobahn, we really enjoyed touring with these guys recently and their set is pretty tight.

Do you prefer vinyl/CD/download when buying music?

I think most of us access music online. We’re all too skint most of the time to splash out on vinyls unless we find something worthwhile in a charity shop.

Many musicians say that touring is the best bit about being in a band, do you agree?

Touring’s always a great laugh, especially in the van. We get to see a lot of different places we probably wouldn’t have got to see if we weren’t in this band.

Are you working on any new music at the moment?

Writing is something which is pretty much a constant for us. We’re up in our rehearsal space till the small hours a few times a week looking at new material.

I read in your bio that you’ve supported bands such as The Libertines and Catfish and The Bottlemen, and have been featured in well-known music media such as NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine. Do you have any tips for bands as to how best to promote their music?

We make sure our live set is as tight as possible, I guess that’s the best way to get yourself noticed.

What would you say have been some of the band’s highlights so far?

Touring with Mark E. Smith and The Fall, supports with The Libertines, and Sleaford Mods. We’ve had some great gig opportunity’s in 2015, it looks like we’ll have some more for this year too.

Are you planning any gigs/tours?

We’re heading on a UK tour this month to promote our new single, I Try, you can check out the tour dates online.

Where is the best place for people to listen to/buy your music online?

Live. All our singles are available on Bandcamp and Spotify, and our new single is available from April 23rd.

Any other news for your fans?

You can also see us live at Tramlines Festival, and The Great Escape and some other festivals this summer.

Thank you! Wishing you continued success. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from you this year!

Vladimir are:

Ross Murray – Vocals and Guitar
Peter McKenzie – Guitar
James Ritchie – Bass
Sam Taylor – Drums


The band hit the road next week on a tour of the UK:

March 23 – The Bodega – Nottingham
March 24 – Live Rooms – Manchester
March 25 – The Social – Doncaster
March 26 – The Riverside – Sheffield
March 28 – The Sunflower Lounge – Birmingham
March 29 – The Old Blue Last – London
March 31 – The Owl Sanctuary – Norwich
April 01 – John Peel Centre – Stowmarket
April 06 – Sneaky Petes – Edinburgh
April 07 – The Loft – Greenock
April 08 – Tunnels – Aberdeen


Band links:





  1. Nice interview.
    The band seem to be genuinely nice guys too.
    Pop over to my blog for a review I did of their gig at Sneaky Pete’s.


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