Album Spotlight: of Beauty and Rage by RED

Red is my favorite color. Maybe that was some sort of subliminal advertising spell cast on me by the band. Anyway, I fell in love with RED (the band, not the color) way back in 2006. I think the first song of theirs that I heard was Breathe Into Me, and that prompted me to immediately buy the album End Of Silence. However the sequence of events unfolded, that first album remains one of my favorites. RED has put out quite a few albums since then. Their latest, released last year, is called of Beauty and Rage.

of Beauty and Rage

  1. Descent
  2. Impostor
  3. Shadow and Soul
  4. Darkest Part
  5. Fight To Forget
  6. Of These Chains
  7. Falling Sky
  8. The Forest
  9. Yours Again
  10. What You Keep Alive
  11. Gravity Lies
  12. Take Me Over
  13. The Ever
  14. Part That’s Holding On
  15. Ascent


This one is Darkest Part. The video is quite cool, like a mini movie. If you’re impatient, the song starts at about the 2-1/2 minute mark:

I never wanted you to see
The darkest part of me…


This one is Yours Again:

Where did I lose my passion
Where did I start to fade…

One more for you. This is Impostor:

You hold the truth like a knife…

Meet the Band:


Michael Barnes
Randy Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / iTunes / Amazon


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