SAINT ASONIA – The Band You Need To Hear

Saint Asonia’s self-titled, debut album is simply fantastic. It’s one of those I never get tired of hearing. Their style reminds me a bit of Shinedown in that good kinda way, not the copycat kinda way. You know how some vocal tones can be sort of hypnotizing? Adam Gontier’s voice is like that for me.


  1. Better Place
  2. Blow Me Wide Open
  3. Let Me Live My Life
  4. Even Though I Say
  5. Fair Tale
  6. King Of Nothing
  7. Waste My Time
  8. Dying Slowly
  9. Trying To Catch Up With The World
  10. Happy Tragedy
  11. Leaving Minnesota




This one is Better Place:

Don’t burden me
With all of your problems…

Here’s Let Me Live My Life:

My pain is your entertainment…

Meet the Band:

Saint Asonia

Adam Gontier
Mike Mushok
Rich Beddoe
Corey Lowery

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes


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