Killer New Album! DEAD MAN’S VOICE by The New Roses

Have you heard Dead Man’s Voice by The New Roses? It’s new and it rocks!

Deadman's Voice

  1. Heads or Tails
  2. Thirsty
  3. Partner In Crime
  4. Dead Man’s Voice
  5. I  Believe
  6. Ride With Me
  7. Hurt Me Once (Love Me Twice)
  8. Not From This World
  9. What If It Was You
  10. Try (And You Know Why)
  11. From Guns & Shovels
  12. The Secret (Bonus Track)
  13. Whiskey Nightmare (Bonus Track)
  14. It’s A Long Way (Bonus Track)
  15. Leave Me Alone (Bonus Track)


Here is Dead Man’s Voice:

This one is Thirsty:

Meet the Band:

The New Roses
Copyright by Jurgen Will

Timmy Rough – Vocals / Guitar
Norman Bites – Guitar
Hardy – Bass
Urban Berz – Drums

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube /  Napalm Records / Spotify / Amazon


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