New Music: Incarnate – Killswitch Engage – Out now!

Killswitch Engaged have today released their seventh album “Incarnate”.

kse_packshotTrack listing:

  1. Alone I Stand
  2. Hate by Design
  3. Cut Me Loose
  4. Strength of the Mind
  5. Just Let Go
  6. Embrace the Journey… Upraised
  7. Quiet Distress
  8. Until the Day
  9. It Falls on Me
  10. The Great Deceit
  11. We Carry On
  12. Ascension

You can stream the album on the band’s Youtube:

Get your copy at the links below:

  • Amazon – with limited edition ‘Incarnate’ patch (while stocks last)
  • iTunes – digital download
  • Roadrunner UK Store – limited edition bundles including ‘Incarnate’ T-shirt and ‘Incarnate’ screen printed poster

Band Links:


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