42 DECIBEL releases full live concert on YouTube


42 Decibel, a hard-hitting rock-band from Argentina, has just released a full live concert on YouTube. The gig was recorded at The Roxy Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 13th, 2015. It is a kick-ass performance from the band, and well worth checking out.

The band’s latest release ‘Rolling In Town’ is available now.

42 Decibel on Facebook / Twitter


00:00 Eye Of The Hawk
03:14 Evil Woman
07:33 Addicted To Rage
11:38 Down The Hatch
15:35 Can’t Keep Control
19:03 Drop Of Booze
23:16 Rude And Fast
26:21 Burning Down The Road
30:12 Smokin’ Fire
33:37 Drinking Margaritas
38:06 Rocker Soul
42:00 Scotch Drinker
48:09 Johnny B Good

42 Decibel lineup:

  • Junior Figueroa: Lead Guitar/Vocals
  • Billy Bob: Rhythm/Slide Guitar
  • Matt Fraga: Bass
  • Nicko Cambiasso: Drums



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