Musical Artistry – MONEY SHOT by Puscifer

Some music makes you want to reach out into the world, dance and sing and share. And some music is more of an introspective experience. Music has a personality type, in the same way that people are extroverts or introverts. I liken Puscifer to the introvert personality type. They immerse me in an experience, turn me inward so I’m there in the song, existing between the beats.

Their vibe is similar to Tool and A Perfect Circle, largely because that’s where their roots are. Puscifer is Maynard Keenan. Or Maynard Keenan is Puscifer.

Last year, Puscifer put out an album called Money Shot. If you haven’t heard it, you need to put an hour aside and let them take you away from the world for a while. Their lyrics are provocative and intense, and each song is a trip all its own.

Money Shot

  1. Galileo
  2. Agostina
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Simultaneous
  5. Money Shot
  6. The Arsonist
  7. The Remedy
  8. Smoke and Mirrors
  9. Life of Brian (Apparently You Haven’t Seen)
  10. Autumn



This is Remedy:

Should you choose to react like an imbecile
You’ll in turn be treated so…

And here is the wildly different Grand Canyon:

One among infinity
Witnessing the majesty…

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