New Music: C – The Nebulosity



Last year, I interviewed the talented Kentra Bay. You can check out the interview here:

Kentra Bay’s singer, Adam Dunbar, is also involved in another band that I’ve just found out about. “The Nebulosity”, a Psychedelic Prog Metal band from Falkirk, Scotland, released their brilliant debut album “c” in December. The band’s description of the album is: “c” is an exploration into the cyclical nature of the world we live in and experience everyday and the ones we live in but don’t.

a4109075555_16The album is currently available to stream and buy on Bandcamp:

It’s grungy, heavy, experimental, passionate, and well worth a listen.


“c” an epic concept album with 8 interconnected tracks. Two of the songs are over ten minutes long. There’s a sci-fi feel to the whole thing, and some profound and insightful lyrics about the world we live in (the lyrics are available on the Bandcamp page). Fans of prog rock/metal and experimental/alternative music will love this album.


Keep up with the band’s news:



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