Pre-order the new Sixx:A.M. album, Prayers For The Damned

The first single from Sixx:A.M.’s forthcoming album has now been released.



“Rise” is from “Prayers For The Damned”. The album will be split into two volumes. Volume 1 is scheduled for release on 29th April 2016 via the Eleven Seven Music Group.


Sixx: A.M. Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 1 Track Listing:

1. “Rise”
2. “You Have Come to the Right Place”
3. “I’m Sick”
4. “Prayers for the Damned”
5. “Better Man”
6. “Can’t Stop”
7. “When We Were Gods”
8. “Belly of the Beast”
9. “Everything Went to Hell”
10. “The Last Time (My Heart Will Hit The Ground)”
11. “Rise of the Melancholy Empire”


When you pre-order from iTunes you’ll get Rise as an instant download:

You can also pre-order from Amazon and Google Play

Exclusive bundles are available at the band’s official store:

Tickets and VIP Packages for the US headline dates are now on sale:


Band links:






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