New Music Video: Blood Eagle Wings – Anthrax


The new Anthrax album, “For All Kings”, is fantastic. I’ve been a fan of the band since I saw them live at Hammersmith in 1989. Since then, I’ve followed them and have enjoyed all their albums. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Joey Belladonna vocals, as that was the original Anthrax I fell in love with, but I also enjoyed the John Bush era immensely. This is a band who always take the music seriously and never disappoint.

This new album reminds me in parts of the old Anthrax. They seem to have gone back to their roots. But also, it’s very fresh. It’s like taking something from the past and bringing it up to date keeping the essence intact. The band have grown and developed as musicians and all of their experience is reflected in this album full of songs that have something to say. I think “For All Kings” will please old and new Anthrax fans. They are one of the best metal bands out there, and I’m so happy that they continue to produce brilliant albums.

The song that stood out for me on first listening to the album was “Blood Eagle Wings”. It’s just one of those “wow” tracks that you want to listen to again :). At nearly 8 minutes long, it’s the longest track on the album and one of my favourites, along with the first two singles, “Evil Twin” and “Breathing Lightning”.

Anthrax have just released a video for “Blood Eagle Wings”. It’s quite gruesome, so you probably shouldn’t watch it if you’re squeamish! 😮


Check out the article in Rolling Stone to find out more about the song and video:


Grab your copy of the excellent For All Kings:

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  1. I’ll pass on watching the video – I only really like videos where the band is playing anyway (I know, very old school!). Glad to see they’ve a new album out – I always thought they were one of the best live bands in the world – a real party at their concerts.

    I think I might have been at the Hammy O in 1989 to see them – that might have been the year I went to all their concerts around Britain – what a blast that was!


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