EP review – TOROUS ‘Paint The Sky’

torous_painttheskyI first listened to Torous last year, and was hugely impressed by the band’s sound. To quote myself:

“Torous takes those Celtic sounds we’ve all heard in folksier settings, and twists, bleeds, and powers them into some seriously bone-shaking hard rock and heavy metal, ending up with something rather addictive and unique.”

On their new three-track EP ‘Paint The Sky’ the band strips down the music to its naked core. Going almost all acoustic, with a quieter and simpler vibe, the band delivers a soul-searching and deeply moving set of tunes.

The title track ‘Paint The Sky’ has a vein of Celtic wistfulness and sorrow running through it, with raw, soulful vocals that twist together folksy softness with a sharper edge.

‘Feed The Fire’ has a different pulse, and I love the way the vocals and guitar pair up here: there’s an almost spell- and chant-like quality to this tune that really gets to me. The EP’s final track ‘This One Is’ is a stunner. It’s a haunting instrumental beauty of a track that breaks my heart a little bit when I listen to it.


Every track on this EP moved me. There’s a natural, free-flowing, half-magical feel to the tunes, and it’s a release that feels deeply personal, and unique. ‘Paint The Sky’ is obviously quite different than the powerful Celtic hard rock/metal sound from Torous’ previous release, but kudos to the band for stepping out and stepping up with something this different. In the process they’ve managed to craft a quite exquisite set of tunes.

‘Paint The Sky’ is available from iTunes and Spotify.

Torous on Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud


  1. Paint The Sky
  2. Feed The Fire
  3. This One Is


  • Marc Malone – Sings and Plays 6-Strings
  • GMT – 4 String-Thing
  • Tom Fenn – Hits Things

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