New Music: Florence Black EP


Following a successful Pledge Music campaign the awesome Florence Black have released their debut EP, and it’s amazing!

Would you like a new favourite band? This is a band you can really get excited about. If you love rock music, you must check them out. The EP contains 5 fantastic tracks that perfectly showcase their style:

  1. Fiesta
  2. Honey Your Away
  3. Grove Street
  4. Ghost
  5. Same Again

I can hear influences from many of the greats of rock in these songs, yet this is a completely modern album and of its time. Each of the songs has its own unique and perfect sound. This doesn’t sound like a debut EP but more like something an established band would produce, and it gets better with each subsequent listen as well. This band have found their sound and they are great! The guitars and drums are both prominent in this EP, making for a hard and heavy sound. The first two tracks are strong hard-rock songs; Grove Street is a slower, melodic track that is Nirvana-like in parts and also reminded me of Stereophonics; the final two songs have thought-provoking lyrics and powerful riffs and melodies. The vocals are excellent throughout.

This really is a must-have EP for music lovers. If you pre-ordered from Pledge Music, you’ve already got your copy 🙂 If you missed that, you can still get a copy here:

781bba5c4b0f47ae81059107982cd939They will be playing in Merthyr Tydfil this week.

CcYSMOHWEAEeUJaThey’re also playing the Seven Sins festival, at the end of March.


Keep up with the band’s news:






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