#MusicMonday – BREAKING BENJAMIN – Band Spotlight

I am horrified! I was perusing (yeah, I’m feeling author-y today with my elite words) the list of bands featured here, and – what? – no Breaking Benjamin! How did such an oversight happen? I am embarrassed. Appalled. And I am immediately rectifying the situation.

I first stumbled upon this band sometime around 2005, back in my early MySpace days. I’ve been hooked since. Now I will share some of my favorites with all of you.

This one is Failure:

Tired of wasted breath
Tired of nothing left
Tear the whole world down…


This one is So Cold:

Show me how it ends
It’s all right…

Up for one more? This is Diary of Jane:

Something’s just about to break…

Normally, at this point I would do the band introduction thing. But I don’t know who they are. It’s a national secret. Maybe they’re in the witness protection program. I can tell you that the band’s founder, singer, songwriter, guitarist is Benjamin Burnley. As for the others, their names don’t appear anywhere I’ve looked. I figure they’re either shy or wanted by the police. 🙂

Breaking Benjamin

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