EP review – IDESTROY ‘Vanity Loves Me’

iDestroy_EPIDestroy is a British band based in Bristol that has just released its first EP: ‘Vanity Loves Me’. It’s four tracks of sharp, snappy, and swaggery punk/garage-rock – with a hint of pop thrown in for good measure – flashing influences like The Stooges, Sleater Kinney, and The Hives. The sound is fierce and fiery, and the band rips through the short but solid tracklist with verve and purpose, making for a promising debut with no real weak spots.

First track ‘Vanity Loves Me’ is perhaps the strongest of the bunch. It’s got a catchy and edgy vibe with a nice, deep bass- and drum-thing going on. Another plus is Bec Jevons’ vocals: she’s got a distinct voice with character and personality, and that’s always a good thing.

Second track ‘IDestroy’ is powered up by more of the band’s rowdy energy; while ‘Talking Shit’ is an acid-tongued tale of friends, drinking, and finding yourself stuck with a dead-end job and life, “I hate my life/ I wish I were rich”.


The band goes slightly heavier on final track ‘State of the Art’, which is my second favourite tune on this EP after ‘Vanity Loves Me’, with more of that hooky bass – all the better to get stuck in your head.

IDestroy plays it straight up and straight forward on this debut release, and while the music and lyrics aren’t breaking any new ground, that’s hardly the intention. This is a three-piece with solid chops, good tunes, and a sound that is just a bit rough around the edges, yet polished enough to impress. While this EP only gives a small taste of the band’s abilities, it’s definitely enough to whet my appetite for more.

IDestroy’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Vanity Loves Me
  2. IDestroy
  3. Talking Shit
  4. State of the Art


  • Bec Jevons – vocals, guitar
  • Becky Baldwin – bass
  • Jenn Haneef – drums

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