New Music: Invisible Man – Evilyn Strange

One of Rock and Roll’s favourite bands, Evilyn Strange, have released a music video for their track “Invisible Man” from their upcoming EP “Evilution”. The 5-track EP is an awesome collection of tunes. The band plan to release a full length album later in the year.

Track listing for “Evilution”:

  1. Let it Rain
  2. Invisible Man
  3. Storm Clouds
  4. Never
  5. Stay

EvilynStrange_EVILUTION_1024x1024The EP is a rock fan’s dream, with a real mix of light and shade. “Storm Clouds” is the heaviest track in the collection, and the last two songs, “Never” and “Stay”, are more introspective. The first two songs, “Let it Rain” and “Invisible Man” are powerful rock tracks. The EP is full of passion and thought-provoking lyrics. I am looking forward to hearing the full album. You can read Maria Haskins’ brilliant review of the EP here:

When talking about the track “Invisible Man” in his interview with Metal Odyssey earlier this year, lead singer Phillip Strange, said:  “‘Invisible Man’ is about the side to you that you lock away from the rest of the world, where internal battles can make or break you. It’s about fighting your demons and keeping your head above water. It’s something most of us struggle with but is rarely discussed openly.”


You can pre-order the EP on iTunes. You’ll get an immediate download of the first track “Let it Rain” when you do:

You can also order via the band’s website:

Evilyn Strange’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / ReverbNation / Spotify


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