Interview with Winchester Rebels

[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 16/10/13]

I’ve been following the fantastic Winchester Rebels for a while now. They released a great debut album a couple of years ago, Three Sheets to the Wind, and after listening to that I became a fan. If you like rock music you should check it out.


I invited Winchester Rebels here for a chat about their music and latest plans.


Interview with Winchester Rebels


Your debut album Three Sheets to the Wind was released in 2011. It’s an excellent rock album. How long did that take to write and produce, and do you have any favourite tracks from the album?

It took us about a year and a half to write and record Three Sheets. We broke the recording process up into sessions for that album. Every few months, as soon as we would complete 2-3 songs, we’d head to the studio in the Hollywood Hills to record them. However, the last 3 tracks we recorded were done in Santa Barbara where we live. Some of our favorites from the CD include: “Dining with Devils”, “Down”, “Private Angel” and “Flying.”

You have a few new song previews on Reverbnation, which sound great, by the way. Any plans for a new album?

Thank you! Yes we are currently working on a new EP called “Blood, Sweat and Gears” which should include about 7/8 tracks. We actually head into the studio with Producer/Engineer Duane Barron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Heart etc) this weekend to record 4 new songs for it. The record is due to come out in Mid November and we’re really Excited about it!

I saw on your Facebook page that you wrote the song ‘Fast’ for the film “Fast and Furious 6”. How did you get involved in that?

In recent years our bass player Johnny became friends with Paul Walker who stars in the movie. He also lives in Santa Barbara. We all felt it would be fun to record a song for the movie even if it didn’t make the soundtrack so that’s exactly what we did. “Fast” is the result.


You’ve been touring quite a lot recently, I’ve noticed. How has that been going? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Yes, tour has been going great! We’ve been able to play some Awesome show’s this year and we have quite a few coming up! We are playing the Santa Barbara “New Noise” festival with Andrew WK on Oct 17th for starters. Then we go on tour for 11 day’s in November to promote our new album “Blood, Sweat and Gears”. We’ll be hitting CA, CO, NV, KC, AZ, AR, OK, and TX. We can’t wait it’s gonna be a blast! That said, we are trying to put something together to tour Europe in 2014.

You recently won the 2013 Couvapalooza Band Music Video Contest. Tell us a bit about that contest.

Yes, we won the Couvapalooza Music Video contest and got to co-open for Everclear. All 14 of the bands who played the festival submitted their videos and then asked their fanbase to “like” it on Facebook. After relentlessly getting the word out about the contest to our fans, we ended up being the band with the most “like’s” when all was said and done therefore winning the competition!

If you could tour with any band, who would you choose and why?

That’s a hard question. We really just care about touring with bands who play good music and are fun to be with on the road. No Drama! If we could throw out a couple names, King’s of Leon, Muse, Cage the Elephant and Billy Talent would be a couple cool bands to play with because our styles are somewhat similar.

What inspires Winchester Rebels’ music?

Lots of things inspire us, I know our lyrics for one are inspired by personal experiences. However Andrenaline rushes are probably our biggest inspiration! Give us a fast classic car or a dirtbike to roost on for an hour or so we’ll bang out a new WR tune for you in no time.

Any other news for your fans?

Yes, as a matter of fact there is some new news! In order to raise money for recording cost’s we are running our “Kick Starter” campaign. We’d like to ask our fans to please help us meet our goal.


I hope you enjoyed the interview.

Winchester Rebels’ Kickstarter campaign will run until Nov 14, 2013. I’m sure once you’ve listened to their music you’ll agree that it’s well worth donating to this project! Please spread the word!

Band Bio:

WINCHESTER REBELS, a 5 piece Hard Rock band formed in August of 2009 in the small beach town of Santa Barbara, California. Singer, Nick Hunt and Bassist, John Livergood, had the idea of assembling a group whose sound would echo some of the great hard rock bands from the ’90s, while encompassing an original sound all their own. While working at a local motorcycle shop, Hunt and Livergood came across local rider and guitarist, Nick Fitzgerald, who was also looking to expand his musical horizons.

A phone call by Fitzgerald to Santa Ynez Valley childhood friend James Longoria (Guitarist) and Barry Carter (Drums) completed this new and exciting ensemble. The name Winchester Rebels came to be from a similarly-named canyon road in Goleta called Winchester Canyon that would serve as the divide between the beach community of Santa Barbara where Hunt and Livergood live and the mountains and country of the Santa Ynez Valley where Fitzgerald, Longoria, and Carter resided. We are “Rebels” because we don’t let people tell us what we “should” be playing or wearing or acting. Maybe we are ahead of the rock movement or behind, but who’s to say. We play what we like and feel and that’s why we are Winchester Rebels.

FAST-FORWARD 3 years into the project, WR has played some great shows in Los Angeles at The Roxy, The Viper Room, in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel and one epic outing for The Red Bull Grand Prix on Catalina Island. On their debut album “Three Sheets To The Wind,” Winchester Rebel’s sound has been favorably compared with influential ’90’s-era bands Alice In Chains, Danzig, Stone Temple Pilots and others.

The guitars are heavy and the drums are hard-hitting, the vocals on WR tunes such as “Private Angel,” “Down,” “Loaded Gun” and “Flying” inspire and carry the melodic sound of a band that demands to be heard. Winchester Rebels are a band on the rise whose time to shine is rapidly approaching. Nominated for Rock Album of the year for 2012 by The Los Angeles Music Awards as well as Male Vocalist of the year for lead Singer Nick Hunt, It’s not a matter of if for these guys – but when.

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[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 16/10/13]

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