Album Review: Kings & Queens by LEAH

How about some Celtic, symphonic metal? I don’t know if that’s really a genre, but it’s the sound LEAH defines. Her music is intricate and powerful. Here’s a look at her latest album, Kings & Queens:


  1. Arcadia
  2. Save the World
  3. Angel Fell
  4. Enter the Highlands
  5. In the Palm of Your Hands
  6. Alpha Et Omega
  7. Heart of Poison
  8. Hourglass
  9. Palace of Dreams
  10. This Present Darkness
  11. The Crown
  12. Remnant
  13. There Is No Farewell
  14. Siúil a Rún
  15. Siúil a Rún (Bonus Rock Version)


This one is Arcadia:

And this is Hourglass:

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