Track of the Day – MALAHAT ‘The Grit’


Thank you, Monster Truck, for introducing me to the mighty, bone-rumbling sounds of Malahat, a band based in Victoria, BC, Canada. ‘The Grit’ is one hell of a tune: gritty, dirty, raw, rugged, and so. damn. good.

To quote the band’s own bio:

A blast from the past with modern tastes, these men infuse their influences from the 1930’s to today. A Slamming unforgettable sound with a dark Grungey-Groovey edge, morphing through a wave of the deep southern Blues, in a Psychedelic Fusion. With powerful hybrid rock vocals, progressive and explosive drumming, 70’s grooving bass, and the dirtiest slide guitar you will ever hear, Malahat will blow you away with their stage show, diversity and their original sound of pure face melting Rock n Roll.

Yeah, what they said!

‘The Grit’ is available for free on BandCamp.

Malahat’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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