Spotlight on ONE LESS REASON – A Band You Need To Hear


I first came across One Less Reason back in 2005, on MySpace, when I was finding my way into the world of independent music. I was immediately hooked, and, as you can see from my CD collection above, I continue to love and support them. Cris Brown’s vocal tone, along with the depth of the lyrics, has the ability to shatter me into tiny pieces. Then, as I’m torn apart and (figuratively) bleeding, I’ll thank him for the experience.

This one is Uneasy:

I touched your face for the last time…


Here’s the edgier, dark Worthless:

And tell me where we go from this point…


And, finally, I have to share the one that never fails to turn me into a puddle of wobbly, useless, aching flesh. This is A Day To Be Alone:

All I’ve got are screams inside
But somehow they come out in a smile
And I’m wondering if I’ll always feel this way



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