Album Review: SECRET WAR by Endiana

One reason I haven’t listened to the radio in more than a decade is because I have no patience for homogeneous sound. I’m intrigued when I hear something different, unique, surprising. That’s when I pay attention, and that’s what happens when I listen to Endiana.

Secret War


  1. Another Saturday Night
  2. Secret Clues
  3. 2,3 War
  4. Magic Balloon
  5. Just Say Something
  6. Fountaintown
  7. Vodka
  8. 6ball
  9. Of These Words
  10. I Blame The Radio


The first song I heard by them was 2,3 War. I love the dichotomy of this song. The music feels happy, bouncy; you could dance to this song. But the lyrics have this dark undercurrent:

Now you drop the A-Bomb
Full of napalm
Just to watch the world burn on channel 2


Then there’s the plaintive cry of Magic Balloon:

I put a magic balloon
In orbit ’round the moon
Just for you


Secret War by Endiana is an album full of rock and beauty and surprises. You can buy it on Amazon and stream it on Spotify.

Meet the band:


Tim Fuller – Bass
Devon Ashley – Drums
Doug Henthorn – Guitar
Matthew Aaron – Vocals and Guitar

Connect with the guys:

Facebook / Twitter / ReverbNation / YouTube



  1. I loVe ●ENDIANA● Their muSic is unique and the talent inSane☆ Most CD’s you have songs you want to skip▪▪▪Not on this Band’s CD’s☆ You just want more!!! If you haven’t heard it▪▪▪You need to take a liSten●


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