#MusicMonday – HASTE by Aviation and the War – Album Review

Rock music isn’t a specific sound, at least it isn’t for me. It’s more a feeling that creeps under my skin, or yanks me up so I can’t sit still, or holds me spellbound. This album does a little of all those things. Matt Buenger’s voice has an edgy grit; power when he wants it and subtly when needed. He has the kind of voice that makes me pay attention, like the tone calls out to me saying, “Hey, these lyrics are important. Listen!”

And, he’s right, the lyrics are important. These songs feel both personal and universal.


Glass Bottom Boat
Child’s Play
Familiar Dark
Faintly, I Recall
About the Earth
Better Half

Deciding which song to feature from any album is always a difficult and subjective choice. All of the songs here are great. But I had to choose one, so here we are. Glass Bottom Boat is one of my favorites:

Save my soul
Take me now…

Aviation and the War is a rock duo. On their website, they introduce themselves as: singer-songwriter Matt Buenger and wooden stick maneuverer Joe Christopoulos. They’re an indie band from Chicago, and released Haste, their first album, in 2014.

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Connect with the band:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube

Stream their album:

Bandcamp / Spotify

While it’s always cool when a band allows us to stream their music free, remember that doesn’t help support their music. We need to make sure they can afford to eat, right? If you like what you hear, please consider buying the album, or even a single song. I bought my copy from Amazon, but you can also buy the album or any song from Bandcamp. The album and some cool shirts are also available on their website.

Thanks for listening!



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