Track of the Day – TIDALWAVE ‘1992’

I reviewed Tidalwave’s self-titled EP a while back (read the review), and their sound really caught my ear. To quote my review:

a rock band with a vibe of its own, and a sound that weaves together musical influences from bands like Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, and Deftones

Now Tidalwave is back with a brand new single and video, and there’s a new EP coming later this spring.

As a band, Tidalwave has an interesting and rather multi-national origin story, getting off the ground in the UK, then growing in popularity in the US, before re-locating to Germany.

This track really showcases the band’s trippy sound and mesmerizing melodies. Check out the track, and read what the band has to say about the new tune:

TIDALWAVE are releasing a video for their new single “1992” on 01/15. The single is the title track off the band’s forthcoming EP, out this spring. The record marks the band’s first release since they relocated to Germany from the United States last year.

“1992 came to me during my first night in Germany. I had just moved halfway across the world and was facing the challenge of starting all over ” said singer Dean.

Tidalwave on Bandcamp / Facebook / Twitter.


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