12 bands to watch in 2016


1. Old James

This Canadian band has an excellent self-titled EP out, and a new album called ‘Speak Volumes’ is in the pipeline in 2016. Old James is an absolute marvel to see live – I saw them open for Crucified Barbara and Girlschool in Vancouver (read my gig-review), and they definitely impressed the crowd. ‘Lovefire‘ – a track from ‘Speak Volumes’ – was just recently released, and (no surprise) it’s spectacular.

Old James on Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp


2. Tax The Heat

This UK band has some kick-ass tunes under their belt (‘Fed To The Lions‘ might be my favourite), signed on with Nuclear Blast in 2015, and spent part of the year touring with rock-legends Europe. They have a new album coming out in 2016 and will be a crew to watch (and listen to) closely.

Tax The Heat’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


3. Ragdoll

Ragdoll has new music coming out in 2016, and that is always a main event as far as I’m concerned. Every release by this band has knocked my socks off and I expect no less this time around. Meanwhile, check out ‘Ragdoll Rewound‘ and prepare to be blown away.

Ragdoll’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


4. Buck & Evans

Buck & Evans EP ‘Live At Rockfield’ only contains three tracks, but it is an absolutely stunning release (read my review), and every new track from this band is worth paying attention to. The band’s recently released single ‘Slow Train‘ is further proof of that. Check them out for golden vocals and goosebump-inducing guitar-work.

Buck & Evans official website / Facebook / Twitter


5. Monster Truck

Monster Truck has rambled and rumbled all over the world, on record and on tour since releasing their rib-shaking album ‘Furiosity‘. Things don’t seem likely to slow down this year: the band has a string of tour-dates already scheduled for 2016, and a brand new album on the way. By the sounds of the tunes already making the rounds, is going to be hellaciously awesome.

Monster Truck’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


6. Rival Sons

Rival Sons are really proving themselves to be one of the best bands in the business – live and on record. After a year of heavy touring in 2015, riding a wave of adulation since releasing ‘Great Western Valkyrie‘, these guys are spending more time on the road with Black Sabbath in 2016. Somehow, they also found time to go into the studio, and a new album should be dropping in 2016.

Rival Sons’ official website / Facebook / Twitter


7. Last Bullet

This Canadian band floored me with their release ‘Love. Lust. Illusion.’ a couple of years back, and they have a new album coming out in 2016. ‘Sin’ the first track off that album, is a strong indication that this release will be a keeper.

Last Bullet’s web-page / Facebook / Twitter


8. ColdSpell

Sweden’s ColdSpell is an outstanding melodic hard-rock crew, and every release from this band has shown off beautiful musical craftsmanship. (Check out their latest album ‘Frozen Paradise‘ to get a taste.) The band has been working on new material, and I can’t wait to hear the new tunes!

Coldspell’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


9. Massive

Massive’s album ‘Full Throttle‘ is one of my favourite rock albums to be released in recent years, and I am seriously excited about their upcoming new album. Get it in my hands already!

Massive’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


10. Chase The Ace

Chase The Ace is a marvel. They released an awesome album called ‘Hell Yeah!‘ in 2015, played Hard Rock Hell, and toured with acts like Hardcore Superstar. Wherever they are going next, it’s going to be good.

Chase The Ace: official website / Facebook / Twitter


11. Pink Cigar

These London-based rockers hit the United States in 2015, and they have a new album coming out in 2016. They caught my attention with tracks like ‘Blues To Bed‘, and ‘Generation Next’. Raw, rough, and rowdy, but with undeniable rock and roll flair and swagger, they are a band to watch out for.

Pink Cigar’s official website / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr


12. KilliT

KillIt is made up of Gaz Twist on vocals,  Niro Knox (formerly of King Lizard) on guitar, Geos Letona on bass, and Pete Jean on drums. They released two  hard-core hard-rocking  tracks in 2015: ‘See The End‘ and ‘Shut It Down‘, and the band has a new album coming out in 2016. You might need to hold on to something that is safely bolted down while listening to this crew, otherwise they might just blow you into the stratosphere.

KilliT on Facebook / Twitter


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