Track of the Day – MOA HOLMSTEN ‘The River’

I love this raw and emotional version of ‘The River’ from Swedish singer and musician Moa Holmsten (she previously fronted the heavy metal band Meldrum). Holmsten recently released an album called ‘Bruised Arms and Broken Rhythms’, and (maybe somewhat surprisingly) the track-list is 100% covers of Bruce Springsteen songs.

To quote Holmsten’s website:

After years of hard work by me, Tony Naima and the rest of 35 musicians that were involved in creating this album. Blood, sweat and tears, literally Its finally done. Bruised Arms And Broken Rhythm. A line from the song Incident on 57th Street I have learned so much during this work. I have gotten to know songs, many of them I hadnt heard before, and I hope many hear these songs and learn something too. Mostly what an extraordinarie songwriter Springsteen is and I hope I have contribuited to that knowledge. Enjoy! Much love Yours sincerly /Moa


Moa Holmsten’s website / Facebook


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