Gig review: Colour of Noise – The Garage, London – 11.12.15

(Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 12/12/15)


Every once in a while a new band comes along that makes you get excited about music again. Colour of Noise are one of those bands.

I’ve been following their progress since the Pledge Music campaign for their debut album. If you missed my interview with the band’s guitarist, Bruce John Dickinson, you can read it here:

The band was Bruce’s brainchild. His idea was to create a classic rock album that would appeal to today’s rock fans. After a successful Pledge Music campaign, the debut album, also titled “Colour of Noise” was launched. It’s a brilliant album (you can read my review here:

After listening to the album, I was very keen to see them live. Last night’s gig at The Garage was a brilliant example of how to put on a live rock music show. The band members are all seasoned musicians, so the stage is somewhere they all seem at home and their passion for the music is contagious. Having been part of the Pledge campaign and watched updates from the band when they were recording these songs, it was great to see the end result played live.


The singer, Matt Mitchell (also of Furyon), is the perfect frontman and has a fantastic voice and charismatic stage presence. This is a very talented band of musicians, and it’s the type of band where every individual member adds something special. They all know how to engage with an audience and looked like they were having a lot of fun.

Colour of Noise played most of the songs from their excellent album, and the songs sound amazing live. I had a brilliant time and my only complaint is that it was over too soon 🙂

If you don’t have a copy of their album, you can get it here, and I would highly recommend you try to see them live if you get the chance. They are planning to tour the album extensively next year.

Keep up with their news:




(Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 12/12/15)


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