Album review – CHASE THE ACE ‘Hell Yeah!’

hellyeahIn just a few years, since they left their homeland Israel to explore the British and European rock scene, the guys in Chase The Ace have scored some major achievements. The band has released a fantastic EP, a great album, toured relentlessly across Europe and the UK on their own, and with acts like Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar, and this year they also signed on with Off Yer Rocka. Luck? Maybe a dab of that, but these guys also rock hard, work hard, and seem to have an ever-burning fire that drives them towards the top. The latest proof of this, is the band’s latest release ‘Hell Yeah!’ – a turbo-charged, kick-ass showcase of their musical skills and rock and roll appeal.

‘Hell Yeah!’ kicks off with three irresistible tracks that are also three of my favourites on the album. ‘The Stalker’ is a heavy- and hard-rocking dose of awesome, and ‘Set You On Fire’ is even better (possibly my top-rated track on this album, though that’s a tough race) – a devilishly hooky, fierce and ferocious keg of thundering drums, ripping guitars, that is just plain FUN. Title track ‘Hell Yeah!’ is another knockout blast of rock and roll: a rollicking fun-ride with more blistering good guitars, an excellent chorus, and standout vocals (as usual) from front-man Roi Vito Peleg.

This album feels a little heavier, a little harder, and a little dirtier than Chase The Ace’s previous releases, and it’s an evolution of the band’s sound that really works well for them. ‘Bad Seed’ is an excellent example: it’s a high-speeding track, dirty and crackling with energy, and the band is just rocking out, no holds barred.Chase_The_Ace_2014

Chase The Ace still makes time for some slow-burning ballads, like the excellent ‘Desert Rose’ with more of that fine axe-work and Peleg flexing his vocal talents. This band has always had excellent guitar-power, but on this album they outdo themselves. The guitars are great throughout, both on tracks like the thunderous ‘Full Throttle’ and the hard-slamming ‘Still Got It’; as well as on ballads like the emotional and nuanced ‘Out Of Reach’.

Final track ‘Running As Fast As I Can – With My Eyes Closed’ is a great way to close out the album, and the title and the lyrics sum up this band’s philosophy and attitude to life and music. (It definitely seems to be working for them so far!)

Check out ‘Hell Yeah!’ for another stack of terrific tracks from a band that definitely knows how to put the fun back in rock and roll.

Chase The Ace: official website / Facebook / Twitter


  • Roi Vito Peleg: vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Yam Artzy: drums, back vocals
  • Dan Parsons: lead guitar, back vocals
  • Yair Gadon: bass, back vocals

Track list:

  1. The Stalker
  2. Set You On Fire
  3. Hell Yeah!
  4. Fortunate Son
  5. Desert Rose
  6. Bad Seed
  7. Full Throttle
  8. Dead Man Rocking
  9. Out Of Reach
  10. Sharp Dressed Man
  11. Still Got It
  12. Prisoner In Paradise
  13. Running As Fast As I Can – With My Eyes Closed


  1. Brilliant review, Maria! I love this album. It’s on repeat play in my car at the moment 🙂 They remind me of all the great rock bands from the late ’80s/early ’90s, and all the passion that those bands had for music. We don’t see enough of it these days 🙂 x


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