Album review – GIRLSCHOOL ‘Guilty As Sin’

girlschoolguiltycdBritish icons Girlschool have been in the hard-rock business since 1978, and the band is definitely not running out of steam yet. When I saw them live in Vancouver this spring, they came on stage like a thunderstorm and had the crowd on their feet and headbanging in no-time. On the band’s brand new album ‘Guilty As Sin’, Kim McAuliffe, Enid Williams, Jackie Chambers, and Denise Dufort flaunt the same raw, rowdy and raucous vibe as they did live. These women sure as hell know how to rock: and they stay true to the band’s original, indomitable spirit, where the quality of the music is not dependent on auto-tuned, shellacked, and neutered perfection, but rather brawn, power, energy, and guts.

Girlschool comes out swinging with the hard-rocking ‘Come The Revolution’, featuring a fist-pumping chorus and blazing guitars. The band then unleashes one of the album’s best tracks, the fierce, fast, and punk-rock-energized ‘Take It Like A Band’, all about the trials, joys, and tribulations of being a touring rock and roll band: “locked in, packed in, like sardines / all we want to do is scream…too many late nights, getting out of hand“. This tune kicked some major tail when I heard it live, and the studio version does not disappoint.girlschool

‘Guilty As Sin’ packs a major punch, and the very best tracks are the ones where the band just rock the hell out – pedal to the metal. Tunes like the heavy and swaggering title track with its powerful, gritty vocals, throbbing bass, and the clank of a cowbell is one example. So is the rough, jagged, and hooky ‘Awkward Position’ with another killer chorus from the band.

By the way, forget about silly love songs or plaintive ballads. Instead, Girlschool brings you the hot and rugged ‘Painful’, a heavy-rocking ode to lust and desire, rather than dainty romance: “don’t want to hear about the books you’ve read, don’t want to hear about the life you’ve lead….I don’t love you, I just want you between the sheets / and when it’s all over, just get up and say goodbye“.

On ‘Night Before’ the band cranks it up with another fiery, punk-rock infused barn-burner; and they deliver the goods again on the guitar-powered ‘Coming Your Way’. Final track ‘Tonight’ is another speeding rock and roll bullet, and a fitting way to close out this thunderous release from Girlschool.

Check out ‘Guilty As Sin’ and catch the band live if you get a chance: they are currently on tour with Motörhead and Saxon!

Girlschool’s official website / Facebook Twitter


  1. Come The Revolution
  2. Take It Like A Band
  3. Guilty As Sin
  4. Treasure
  5. Awkward Position
  6. Staying Alive
  7. Perfect Storm
  8. Painful
  9. Night Before
  10. Everybody Loves (Saturday Night)
  11. Coming Your Way
  12. Tonight


  • Kim McAuliffe Vocals and Guitar
  • Enid Williams: Vocals and Bass
  • Jackie Chambers: Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Denise Dufort: Drums

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