Album Review: Colour of Noise

(Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 10/11/15)


Following a successful campaign via Pledge Music, the awesome Colour of Noise have just released their debut album. The self-titled album was mixed by the legendary Mike Fraser (he’s recorded and mixed AC/DC records, including the Rock or Bust release. Other projects include: Aerosmith, Metallica, Franz Ferdinand, Rush, Joe Satriani, Elvis Costello).

The album’s not yet available to buy, but the download version has been sent out to those who pledged towards the Pledge Music campaign. It will soon be available in download and CD formats.

I’ve had my copy for a few days now and have been listening to it a lot. I have to say this is a brilliant album and I’ve found something more to love each time I play it. I can tell that a lot of work has gone into producing it.

In July, I interviewed Bruce John Dickinson, the band’s guitarist, and he told me, “Colour of Noise started with an unshakeable, yet irrational, conviction that the time was right to make a classic rock record in a traditional way, that would have strong echoes from the ’70s, but still be rooted in the present.”

When listening to the album, that is exactly what I get from it. There are parts of the record that take me back to the roots of when rock was great, but there is also a definite originality and almost experimental element to the record. It’s a modern album in every sense of the word, yet it also benefits from the vast experience of the band members, most of whom were part of the whole late ‘80s/early ‘90s era of rock; a time that brought us some of the best rock music. It takes its influence from the early classic rock songs and adds its own twist.

The band members have many years of experience in the music industry and this shines through on their debut “Colour of Noise” album. The melodies are great, and the singer’s voice is perfect for this type of music.

One thing I noticed is that each song is very individual. There are all sorts of styles of rock and blues on this album; a bit like a box of chocolates 🙂 but without any of the flavours that you don’t like! There are a few stand-out songs for me: The opening track “Can You Hear Me?” is one of my favourites. It just has everything you’d want from a rock song. I also love “Head On”, which many of you will already be familiar with as it was featured throughout the Pledge campaign; “You Only Call Me”; “Hit Rock Bottom”; and “Heavy”. Although those are my favourites, at the moment, I also think the other tracks are great. I have a feeling that this album will sound even better live. The track “Great Day For Rock & Roll”, in particular, has the type of sound that would make a great live song.

To conclude, I think this is a fantastic album and definitely well worth adding to your collection if you like classic rock/hard rock/blues.

(Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 10/11/15)


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