Track of the Day – PSYCHIC DOG ‘ Smilin’ ‘

Psychic Dog is a rock-band based in Boston with a hard-rocking sound, and their very own, original vibe. To quote the band: “When asked, we generally tell people that we fall somewhere right in the middle of Los Lobos & No Doubt, or for another set of opposites, John Denver and Anthrax. Really, we fall right in the middle of the Rock spectrum. Some of it’s fun, some of it’s weird, it’s all Rock N Roll.”

The band has just released Adios Huevos, a ripping and roaring 3-track EP that will jiggle your innards and put a big smile on your face, if you’re a fan of raucous and fun rock and roll: this track, ‘Smilin’, just comes at you with so much energy and so much force, it’s impossible to resist.

Psychic Dog is made up of Jared Dew on bass and vocals, Kevin Kupillas on drums and vocals, and Dug McCormack on guitar and vocals; who say they came together “for the love of rock, odd riffs, strange lyrics, big beautiful bass, and high energy drums”. Can’t argue with that!

Adios Huevos is out right now via Ocelot Records, and you can pick it up at Bandcamp.

Psychic Dog’s Facebook / Twitter / Spotify / Bandcamp


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