EP review – LEOGUN ‘Majick Potion’

majick_potion2British band Leogun, based in London and playing music “surging with a mix of blues, soul and a whole lotta rock & roll” (to quote the band’s own bio), first caught my attention a couple of years ago with the jaunty rocker ‘Let’s Be Friends’, taken from their terrific 2013 release By The Reins. Their music had the kind of energy and heat that makes you crave more, and now the band is back with Majick Potion, an EP that adds more irresistible grooves, as well as an intriguing mix of softness and darkness to Leogun’s brand of sexy-hot, crazy-good rock’n’roll.

The band flaunts its loose and powerful vibe on the EP’s title track ‘Majick Potion’ – a tripped-out, warped, and funky piece of goodness with threads of psychedelic magic streaming through it. Tommy Smith’s vocals and guitar are spectacular on this track, but its Matt Johnson’s heavy-throbbing bass and Michael Lloyd’s hard-pounding drums that keep you grounded and make you feel this tune from the soles of your feet to the top of your head.

Band photo by Kkgas Photography.

‘Disconnected’ is up next: a super heavy groove-beast of a track that just frigging slays me. It’s all throb and beat, digging its claws into your chest and your mind. There’s a raw and ragged energy tearing through it – it’s there in both Smith’s vocals and the bone-crunching weight of the rhythm section. Every time I listen to this tune, it gives me something more to love about it.

Leogun cranks up the heat on ‘Beauty Queen’, rolling out an addictive, blood and bone-shaking beat and rhythm, and a chorus so catchy it makes you want to dance, sing along, and get drunk at the same time. Forget about love, this track is throbbing with enough lust and obsession to make you catch your breath.

Final track ‘It’s OK’ is a dreamy, soul-bleeding beauty with Smith’s vocals going velvety soft while the guitar cries underneath. This is a smooth-as-silk bastard of a tune that might make me wear out the replay button. It’s a track that combines softness and strength in a way that reminds me of the gorgeously bluesy title track on By The Reins.

Majick Potion is an EP that gets deeper and deeper under my skin with each listen. It is also a release that caught me somewhat off-guard because it sidesteps where I thought this band might go musically: however, that’s only a good thing when the tunes are this tasty. Leogun will be touring the UK with Tax The Heat later this year and that is one double-bill I wish would hit up my neck of the woods in Canada sometime soon.


Leogun’s official website / Facebook / Twitter.


  1. Majick Potion
  2. Disconnected
  3. Beauty Queen
  4. It’s OK


  • Tommy Smith: guitar & vocals
  • Matt Johnson: bass
  • Michael Lloyd: drums

Band photo by Kkgas Photography.


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