Track of the Day – THE WINERY DOGS ‘Oblivion’

The official video for The Winery Dogs’ track ‘Oblivion’ from the band’s new album Hot Streak is hot off the press – and I just frigging love the tune. Here’s the official video, as well as a drum-cam video of Mike Portnoy doing his magic thing.

And the new album? Yeah, review is coming. Spoiler: it’s really, really good.

The Winery Dogs’ official website / Facebook / Twitter



  1. Maria, I admit that I don’t own the new Winery Dogs album yet. (I do have the debut album and liked it.) Only sampled Hot Streak on allmusic. Already, however, I find Portnoy’s drum work irritating. Except for “Fire,” all the songs have an obtrusive, flat whack-whack-whack sound for the drum track–a heavy-handed registering of the beat between flourishes. The whack-whack-whack beat is so overbearing that once you’ve noticed it, you can’t not notice it. It dominates your attention so much that it’s difficult to appreciate everything else that’s going on in the songs. Is it just me? Am I being hypercritical?


    • Rick, I’ve listened to the new album Hot Streak a couple of times, and really liked what I heard (I’ll give it a few more rounds before writing up my review). I didn’t notice anything irritating about Portnoy’s drumming… he’s usually pretty distinctive, though maybe a bit more subdued on a couple of tunes here. Sometimes there are things that just catch us the wrong way, though, (for whatever reason) even if other people don’t notice or don’t agree with us. I did just watch a video of Portnoy playing a Hello Kitty drum-set, and let me tell you: I laughed until I cried (he was having a good time with it too), but also wanted to obliterate the damn Hello Kitty cymbal… 😉


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