EP review – FATE’S RIGHT BAND ‘Smile’

FRB_SMILE cover front jpegFate’s Right Band is a rock-band straight out of Umeå in northern Sweden, and they caught my ear with their previous hard-rocking EP-release Knucklebuster Hits. Now the band is back with another EP, a 5-track release called Smile and the band sounds better and stronger than ever.

The music here is a little heavier, and a little darker than on Knucklebuster Hits, but they still have that powerful, hard-driving, melodic hard-rock sound, infused with some 1980s rock-vibes, and a whole lot of guitar-shine, feeling, and sheer rock’n’roll joy. There are hooks and great melodies galore, and impressive vocals from front-man Jonny Lindkvist.

The EP kicks off with ‘My World Is Falling’ – a wickedly good track that showcases the band’s strong performance on both guitar and vocals; and then the guys dig right into the heavy and passionate ‘Black Heart of Stone’ – one of my favourite tracks on this EP, and a tune that sounds big enough to fill an arena.FRB_26

Title-track ‘Smile’ is another impressive rocker, with a darker and heavier vibe than the title suggests – “I’ve been in hell / I came out strong” – with standout guitar-work on display once again. ‘We Can Fake It’ slows the tempo down a bit, bringing out even more fire and passion from the band.

Final track ‘I Wasn’t Ready’ is a real stand-out track on this EP: it’s hooky and catchy and feels like the kind of tune you’d love to have blasting on the radio when you’re cruising down the highway.

Knucklebuster Hits was an impressive debut, but the guys in Fate’s Right Band really step up their game with Smile. This is a talented and skilled crew putting out some very strong music: check them out for a hit of well-crafted and tasty rock and roll.

Fate’s Right Band on Facebook / YouTube

Smile is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon.com and elsewhere!


  1. My World Is Falling
  2. Black Heart Of Stone
  3. Smile
  4. We Can Fake It
  5. I Wasn’t Ready


  • Jonny Lindkvist: vocals
  • Jonas Andersson: drums
  • Marko Aalto: bass
  • Jens Mann: lead guitar
  • Jari Aalto: rhythm guitar

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