Tracks of the Day – THE WANTON BISHOPS ‘Shake’, ‘Sun Rising’ & ‘Sleep With The Lights On’

Some days, you just feel like you need a triple shot of the good stuff, and this trio of tunes from The Wanton Bishops is very, very good stuff. I just love the bluesy weight to their stripped down tunes, and underneath it all they definitely have a unique pulse and rhythm… after all, not every band plays an oud, right?

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, this band introduces its lineup like this on Facebook:

Nader Mansour (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, banjo, Oud)
Eddy Ghosein/Salim Naffah (guitar, backing vocals, banjo)
and we’ve also got some mercenaries/hired guns preferably called friends who play bass and drums.

Their music is nothing short of addictive, and you can check out their excellent release Sleep With The Lights On for even more of their unique blues-rocking goods.

Wanton Bishops official website / Facebook / Twitter

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