Album review – THUNDERMOTHER ‘Road Fever’

Thundermother-ROAD-FEVER-CoverThundermother caught lightning in a bottle with their debut release Rock ‘N’ Roll Disaster, and the band’s second album Road Fever shows that this hard rocking five-piece is roaring ahead, in full control of their sound and their considerable rock and roll talents. There’s a gutsiness and power on Road Fever that is truly impressive, with the band barreling straight through 10 hard rocking, fully charged tracks.

There are obvious flashes and sparks of AC/DC and all sorts of 1970s rock’n’roll goodness in the music, but more than that, there’s a heavy, bluesy core, and an old-school, no-frills vibe to the music. Lead guitarist Filippa Nässil delivers the brawny, rumbling riffs, while Clare Cunningham’s smoky, throaty vocals add a good shot of raspy soul-power. With Giorgia Cartieri on rhythm guitar, Linda Ström on bass, and Tilda Stenqvist on drums, Thundermother has honed its skills with a long string of live gigs since the last album, and they sound tight and confident on every track.

The band has wisely chosen to keep their sound raw and powerful even in the studio, and it serves them well on Road Fever. The result is 30 minutes of hard rocking grit and glory, starting off with the hooky, hot, and heavy ‘It’s Just A Tease’ with riffs, vocals, and catchy chorus to die for. ‘FFWF’ (Fight Fire With Fire) is another rollicking rock’n’roll fun-ride, “blood in / blood out”, that manages to light your fuse and blow your mind in 2 minutes and 3 seconds flat.Thundermother_2015

The band slams down the pedal hard again with ‘Alright Alright’, showing off Cunningham’s great vocals; while ‘Deal With The Devil’ has a fast and fierce throwback rock vibe,

Other standout tracks include ‘Roadkill’ with thumping drums and rowdy energy, stripped of pretense and pumped full of blood, sweat, and guitar goodness; and ‘Enemy’ with its hooky chorus, and thrilling guitar-work.

One of my favourite tracks is ‘Vagabond’, a slow and heavy rocker with the guitar and bass providing the perfect darkness for the smoky glow of Cunningham’s voice. There’s so much soul and heat here, and this track really shows off how well Cunningham’s vocals and Nässil’s guitar-playing go together – it’s just plain beautiful stuff.

Finally, Thundermother roughs you up with the gritty goodness of ‘Thunder Machine’, and the fist-pumping, head-banging anthem ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Sisterhood’.

Thundermother isn’t interested in prettifying things or smoothing themselves out, or sanding down their edges: instead, they give you feeling, fire, and foot-to-the-floor exuberance. The only thing this record lacks is a cold beer and a leather jacket and I can supply that myself. Thundermother are the real thing: real, raw hard rock with a crack of lightning and a rumble of blues. Get some.

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  • VOCALS: Clare Cunningham
  • LEAD GUITAR: Filippa Nässil
  • RHYTHM GUITAR: Giorgia Carteri
  • BASS: Linda Ström
  • DRUMS: Tilda Stenqvist


  1. It’s Just A Tease
  2. FFWF
  3. Alright Alright
  4. Deal With The Devil
  5. Give Me Some Lights
  6. Roadkill
  7. Enemy
  8. Vagabond
  9. Thunder Machine
  10. Rock ‘n’ Roll Sisterhood

Band pic by Linda Pettersson


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