Interview with Richie Towerton of KURBd

[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 16/8/15]

I found out about KURBd on Twitter. They have a new EP coming out in October. I’ve been lucky enough to hear a pre-release version.

The 4-track EP, Stitches & Burns, is a collection of progressive/alternative rock songs that will appeal to fans of rock, indie, and grunge music. It reminded me in parts of Nirvana and Alice In Chains. It’s an accomplished set of songs, a follow-up to their debut EP “The Cause… The Defect”, which is currently available to download free on Reverbnation:

I invited the band here to find out a bit more about their music and current plans.

Interview with Richie Towerton of KURBd

Introduce us to the band members. Is KURBd your first band or have any of you been in other bands?

We are Dave on Drums, Lee on Bass, and myself (Rich) on Guitar. We are a good old (‘old’ being the operative word) 3-piece where Lee and I share the lead vocals and we all sing harmonies. KURBd is the first band all three of us have been in together. Back before the likes of Facebook, etc., Lee and I were in a band together; I was actually a drummer back then which is how I know Dave. I’d always loved his feel and his groove as a drummer so when I was thinking about doing what would eventually become KURBd I knew who to call.

How did the band get together?

We’d all done the touring and the recording with the idea of getting signed and being the next big thing, which we all have done in our own right and it doesn’t really matter. The industry has changed from the times where bands were true to themselves and their music. They are all trying to right the next ‘Big Thing’ rather than being what they really truly want to be and staying true to it. We didn’t want to follow any trend or scene. So we just did what we have always done. We write songs and riffs and melodies that we like – fuck what Kerrang or NME say because we don’t look cool or aren’t 19, or whatever. They are never going to get on board.

Never mind, you don’t need them, you have us! 😉

Is there a story behind the name ‘KURBd’?

It was literally just picked at random and no one else had it lol.

Which bands/musicians would you say have influenced you musically?

Lee is a huge Nirvana fan as well as bands like Gojira, Masterdon and Soundgarden. Dave likes Alice In Chains and the more obscure B-Sides. I’m into Skunk Anansie, Placebo, My Vitriol, Foo’s and Deftones. I’m not sure if it’s from a drummers perspective as Mark Richardson, Taylor Hawkins, and Abe Cunningham are awesome drummers. I still hear the drums often before the guitars or lyrics.

What are some of the challenges that new bands face trying to get their music heard these days?

I think it’s easier to get music heard with Soundcloud and Bandcamp and the countless apps available on smartphones. Years ago you had to be at a computer and you only had the likes of MySpace.

Ha, ha! Yes, I remember those days 🙂

I think because it’s so accessible it means anyone can post their music online. So the shitty poor stuff dilutes the brilliant up and coming bands. By the way, I don’t mean us when I say brilliant up and coming bands, we are more than aware that we are old dogs by now lol.

LOL you are too modest. What I’ve heard of your music is brilliant! 🙂

You released your first EP “The Cause… The Defect” last year. That one is currently available as a free download. What was the reasoning behind offering the EP free?

We wanted to give it to anyone and everyone. We don’t write, gig, and record for the money. If we did we would have stopped years ago. We just want people to hear it and if they like it great. Share it. We did eventually put it on iTunes & Spotify because we realised Apple have the lion’s share on smartphones and you can’t download from Bandcamp 😦

Who writes the songs for KURBd and where does the inspiration come from?

We all write them really. Initially one of us might come with something like a chord structure or vocal bit. Lee wrote ‘Beware The Silence’ & ‘ Kerosene’ from the first EP and ‘ Plastic’ from the new one, and I wrote the rest, but we all contribute equally. It doesn’t come together till the harmonies and the groove feels right.


You are getting ready to release the follow up EP this October “Stitches & Burns”. Were there any differences in the way you approached the new EP compared to the first one? Did you notice any difference in the musical direction?

Oh yeah. Musically it’s even more stripped back, and the first EP wasn’t exactly a busy sound lol. We’ve grown as a band and that’s come through in the new songs, probably because we’ve been smashing them out live for a while and they’ve changed from the initial version. Stitches & Burns is the first track on the new EP and originally it was three times as fast. Real punky and aggressive but we broke it down for a low-fi acoustic set and liked how it felt so we did the slow low-fi version as a full band distortion and all and it was great. Big filthy solid chords with the same aggressive hateful vocals. Simple songs by simple dudes lol.

It sounds great! 🙂

I’ve noticed that many bands choose to release EPs or singles rather than albums these days. Do you have any plans to produce an album at some stage?

I’m not sure if we will do an album as such, but we really want to release the first and second EP together on vinyl. To us, there’s still something amazing about holding vinyl.

When buying music, do you prefer download, CD, vinyl?

Ahhhh Vinyl if we could, but realistically download is the most available to everyone. I tend to download singles but buy CD albums as I haven’t found that many bands lately that have a whole album worth downloading and clogging up my phone. I think the last was Royal Blood and Godsized.

Have you heard any good new bands recently that you’d recommend?

You interviewed Echotape and they are amazing. Proper Rock and Roll. I love them.

They’re great! 🙂

We played with a band called Kempes that were great, really good band and great blokes too.

Do you have any favourite KURBd songs to play live?

I think… At the moment… It would be Stitches & Burns. It’s just a simple groove and I love it. On the new EP “Plastic” and “86-88” are fairly new so still love playing them and finding the little differences from one show to the next.

Do you have plans to play any gigs in the UK?

We do. Hopefully soon, we will keep you updated.

If you could play any venue in the world, which would you choose, and why?

I have been lucky enough to have played the London Astoria before it was torn down so that would be high on the list but my favourite UK venue was actually in Aberdeen in Scotland called Cafe Drummonds. Soooo good. In the world ??? I think… Wembley… Without a doubt.

If you could tour with any other band who would you choose?

I’d love to tour with Skunk Anansie or Foo Fighters. Maybe I could do some guest drumming on Skunks “Because Of You”. 😉

Any other news for your fans?

Yep. We are working on a live low-fi set which we will record and have as a ‘B-Sides & Rarities’ free download ;).

Thanks for answering my questions, Rich! Best of luck with the new EP!


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[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory]

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