Interview with Dirty Thrills

[Originally posted on the UK Arts Directory]

If you follow my blog, you’ll already know about the awesome Dirty Thrills, a blues/rock band from London who are making waves on the scene. If you haven’t heard of them, you really need to buy their debut album… now!

Last May, I interviewed the band on my UK Music Directory blog when they were working on their debut album. It’s been wonderful to see them get lots of media attention over the past year. They’re an excellent live band too, highly recommended.

When I heard they are releasing a new EP in August, I invited them back for a chat about their amazing year, and about their current plans.

You can pre-order the new EP on iTunes:

Interview with Dirty Thrills

You’ve been busy since I last interviewed you! Your debut album is now out there, and it’s brilliant. You have also been playing a lot of local shows. Do you have any favourite songs from the album to play live?

As always you are too kind 😉 We still love playing the album live, we have got to the point now where we are extending and adding different sections in the songs, to mix things up a bit. Tough one, but favorite songs to play live are probably ‘Sigh’ and ‘Reign’, cos they are bursting with energy, and we get to jump about like idiots and get the crowd involved!

You recently had your E.P. launch for your upcoming “Sweetheart of the Slums” E.P. (out on 18th August). How did that go?

It was an awesome night, EP tunes went down a storm and the crowd loved it! Was on day 2 of the big heatwave we had in London, so we had 100 odd people crammed in the upstairs of the Hawley Arms, Camden, while we were giving it everything we had. Sweaty doesn’t even describe it, ha!

Ha, ha! 🙂

It’s great to see you’ve been getting lots of attention from rock media. Classic Rock magazine featured your song “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” on their cover CD. How did that feel?

It felt very nice indeed 🙂 We have all been fans of the magazine for ages, having read it a lot back in the day. It was great getting that particular song out on the CD for people to hear, as it wasn’t one of our singles.

It’s one of my faves from the album 🙂

I saw that you attended the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards this year. (Hopefully you’ll be picking up an award or two there next year!!) What was that experience like and did you get to meet any of your idols?

Ha, fingers crossed Maria…fingers crossed! Oh, funnily enough it was as rock n roll as you’d imagine it to be…you arrive, they ‘pap’ you on the catwalk, throw free alcohol down your neck all night, while you’re in a big room of icons, ha! We caught up with The Graveltones, who are on our management as well.

Sounds like fun!

Tell us a bit about the songs on the new E.P., who wrote them, the inspiration behind them, etc. What can fans expect from it?

With this EP we felt a lot more mature as songwriters, so naturally the songs formed a lot easier than the album did. We put a bit of pressure on ourselves this time round, only writing the songs properly a few weeks before we were booked in the studio. Sometimes it’s just a bit more exciting that way. We are looking at this EP as a bridge between our debut album and our next one. It has 3 new tracks, ‘Letterbomb’ (a ballsy riff-based crowd belter, which even has hints of Rage Against The Machine in the verses, ha!), ‘Feeling’ (sexy, groove-based rock tune, reminiscent of Aerosmith) and ‘Hourglass’ (a dirty riffer, which is more of a development from our tunes ‘No Resolve’ and ‘Sigh’). So there is something for everyone 🙂

Can’t wait to hear it! 🙂

What have been some of Dirty Thrills’ highlights so far?

Supporting Status Quo was really awesome for us! Also, we played a gig supporting The Blockheads the other week. They were fantastic live, and we had a pretty killer party on their tour bus afterwards!

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

So our new EP will be officially available to buy and download on the 18th August from itunes/spotify and our merch store ( Also our new single ‘Hourglass’ from the new EP will be released on that date too, with a single launch party gig happening in the evening at Alleycats in London (Denmark Street).

Also, we have now officially announced we will be playing Planet Rockstock along side Rival Sons and The Darkness on 4-6th of December, which will be awesome!

That is such fantastic news!! 🙂

Later on this year we shall we beginning the production on our next studio album!!



Do you have any tips for new bands as to how best to promote themselves?

I think you have just gotta be really clever about it. Don’t keep your head in the clouds, and think that one day some A and R guy is gunna walk into your dressing room and offer you a million pound record deal. Plan a strategy with your band mates, on how you are gunna get your music out there, and get on those tours. It is unfortunately about who you know in this industry, and you just need that ‘in’.

You recently supported Status Quo. They’re a great live band. What was it like to meet them?

Oh, it was a great day. As soon as we finished our set, we came off stage to a few of them standing on the sidelines. They really dug our stuff, and apparently came out their tour bus just to watch us.

They have good taste in music 🙂

Naturally, we returned the favour later that evening, ha!

I saw them a few years ago at a festival; they really know how to put on a live show!

Have you heard any good new music recently?

Steve heard the new Muse album ‘Drones’ the other day. As a fan of their early stuff (‘Blackholes…’ and before), he said they have brought it back to basics, after their last 2 arguably mediocre albums.

You have some excellent music videos on Youtube. Have you got any plans to make any more?

We certainly do! As a matter of fact, this very week we finished shooting the new video for ‘Hourglass’, which will be released online on the 18th, with the single release.

I’ll be looking forward to that!

Any other news for your fans?

Some of us have new tattoos somewhere on our bodies 🙂 Come to our gigs and spot them for yourself, ha!

Intriguing! 🙂

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions! I am so excited for the new music and look forward to interviewing you again when you’ve picked up your Golden Gods award next year 😉


Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the new EP, Sweetheart of the Slums… I have a feeling it’s going to be excellent:

If you are in London on the 13th of August, catch Dirty Thrills at their single launch gig

… and if you’re going to Planet Rockstock make sure you check them out.

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