Interview with Stone Giant

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Stone Giant recently released their excellent debut album, “Stone Giant”, which was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios. I was instantly hooked when I heard a couple of their songs on social media. These guys have a very rock sound and it brings back memories of traditional rock music while at the same time having a very fresh and original style. You can check out a few of the songs from the album on Soundcloud and Youtube. They have been releasing the singles at intervals, with stunning original artwork designed for each track.


This is definitely a band to watch. They’ve already had some press coverage in Classic Rock magazine.

I was keen to interview them and find out more about their music and current plans.

Interview with Stone Giant

10516823_702934623133831_4504719506631502404_n[Photo by Nico Fernandez ]

How long has the band been together?

It’s been about 2 years.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it?

Like a Stone Giant. Sort of slow, but with a heavy footstep.

Great description 🙂
What were some of your favourite bands/musicians when you were growing up?

Beatles, Hendrix, Floyd, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Purple… But, also, Nirvana, QOTSA, FF, Jack White…

You just released your debut album. Tell us a bit about the songs on the album and how long it took to put it together.

423_422113237882639_880856081_n[Back to Owl Roots – Artwork by Andrea Fernández]

The album is made up of 12 songs that were picked from 30 songs that we wrote in the summer of 2014, then we went into Water Music Studios in Hoboken NJ with Fernando Lodeiro around November 2014 where we spent 10 days tracking the album. We then spent about 1-2 months with Fernando mixing the album in New York City. Once that was done, around March 2015 we went to Abbey Road Studios in London, UK. Mastering agent Axel Lang introduced us to Abbey Road mastering engineer Alex Wharton with whom we spent some days at the studio mastering the album. We released the full album on May 17th, 2015.


Who writes the songs for Stone Giant and what inspires the lyrics?

We all do. The inspiration for lyrics comes from various sources, you will find trippy depictions of myths and fantastic things, impressions of God, Plato and Aristotle, prudent advices against the danger of revolutionary utopias and one occasional girl or two. We strive to express ways of getting to the groove that lives within ourselves in connection to others and the universe.

What comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?

The music usually comes first, we all come with our riffs and sections to try ’em out and jam. By the time we have a solid performance, the initially improvised vocal melody has reached stability and we all have more or less an image of the subject, we sit down and make the words fit the melody, rather than the contrary. We find it very liberating, precisely because it confines the infinite potential choices that we can make into a very healthy and natural boundary.

Last year you performed in front of Jimmy Page and had some coverage in Classic Rock magazine. How did that come about, and what was it like performing in front of him? Did you get to speak to Jimmy about the performance?

I, Sebastian, am now 25 years old and when I was 19 I travelled to London where I got the opportunity to meet Jimmy Page. The funny thing is that I got the chance to play “The Ocean” for him while I was there and years later I was performing “The Ocean” again but in a stadium with Jimmy sitting in the audience while his career was being honored. On May 9th, 2014 it all came into reality when we performed at an honorary concert for Jimmy Page held at the Boston University Agganis Arena. It was an extremely spiritual experience for all of us. Definitely a moment we will always remember as one of the greatest in our careers. Days after the performance we got approached by BBC Boston and Classic Rock Magazine among others to interview about this incredible experience. We thank them all for recognizing such an accomplishment.

That’s wonderful. Sounds like it must have been an amazing experience.
Your latest album was mastered in the legendary Abbey Road studios. Who decided to do that and what was the experience like for you?

This calls for a great story. Nicolas Boskis, Stone Giant personal manager, is a close friend of a current Abbey Road mastering agent. Years before our visit to master at Abbey Road, they were both in London and during one afternoon they stood in the street looking at Abbey Road Studios and promised themselves that they would be working inside together someday. Years after that moment, working together inside of Abbey Road Studios became a reality. We went to Abbey Road Studios to master the album with one of the best mastering engineers, Alex Wharton. Alex has worked with such great artists as Paul McCartney, Mumford & Sons, Chemical Brothers, and Radiohead among many others so it was truly an honor to have him work with us. We now consider Alex a great friend. Definitely another moment in our lives that kept reminding us how blessed we are and we are forever grateful for such opportunities.

That is a great story! Always good to hear when personal dreams are realised in such a way 🙂
Have you always wanted to be musicians?

João once wanted to be a physicist, Sebastian once wanted to be a football player, Pedro and Pepe always wanted to be a musician.

If you could play any venue in the world, which would you choose and why?

There are so many, but I guess we would agree that Wembley is the highest temple of Rock.

LOL That’s nice to hear as it’s quite local to me 🙂

What are the band’s plans for the rest of 2015?

We will be touring the US East Coast where we will travel with a rock party through every city performing with Stone Giant.

Sounds excellent!
Any other news for your fans?

Keep checking our FB page for dates and new merchandise, we have a vinyl exclusive pre-sale coming up, as well as physical CDs, all with the artwork of Andrea Fernandez, so you can get a very visual sense of our songs in a beautiful way. See you at the venues. Many great productions to come!

I love that artwork!
Thanks so much for answering my questions. Wishing you continued success with Stone Giant!!


Grab a copy of Stone Giant’s debut album at iTunes:

Keep up with all their news:




[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory]

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