Album review: Upside Down World – Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham

[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 21/4/15]

The latest album by the talented duo Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham was released yesterday. It’s an album that could be compared to a box of chocolates because of the mix of different styles and genres 🙂

Each song is very unique and individual, and each song is perfectly crafted. As with any art, I’ve always thought that genres can be restrictive and stifle creativity. Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham have created an album full of winning songs. I can honestly say that there are no fillers on this album.

“Upside Down World” starts off with a rock song, switches from rock to pop, then tips a hat to metal before returning to some more rock, ending with an almost psychedelic funky final track. It makes for a wonderful and interesting combination of music.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to the album. Having followed Doris Brendel’s work over the past few years, I’ve always admired her eclectic style and this album doesn’t disappoint.

My favourites at the moment are the mesmerising “Tumbling Away” and the haunting “Still Running”.


Doris Brendel’s voice has a distinctive tone that suits the rock genre well but is versatile enough to fit with any style of music.

An accomplished collection of songs that deserves a wide audience.

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