Tracks of the Day – Big Wreck “I Digress (LIVE at the Suhr Factory Party 2015)” & “Ghosts”

Canadian rockers Big Wreck released their latest album Ghosts in 2014 – and for a while last summer I just could not stop listening to it. For whatever reason (hey, it was summer!) I never got around to reviewing it on this site, but I think I might have to change that, even though the album is about a year old now. It’s a rather outstanding album, with a a slightly trippy and mesmerizing, half dreaming/half awake vibe running through all the tracks.

And hey, who can resist a band that describes its music like this on Facebook?

An outpouring of rock music that is direct from the subconscious heart, and lives in the interplay of controlled horsepower and unbridled virtuosity.

“I Digress” is one of my favourite tracks off the album, at least partly because of the guitar-work by front-man Ian Thornley. I’m including “Ghosts” as a bonus track today, just because I love it, too.

Big Wreck’s official website / Facebook / Twitter

(And yes, in case you’re wondering, they are the band that released “That Song”.)



  1. What an unexpected pleasure! For all kinds of reasons, this IS my favorite band. If you’re interested, check out the Suhr release of ‘Ghosts’ live at their NAMM 15. I could imagine John Suhr weeping with joy from the bass intro to Ian’s solo–the band is tight…


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