Interview with SPiN

[First posted on UK Arts Directory 15th April 2015]


After discovering this band recently, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about them. I heard their cover version of “Black Widow” and became an instant fan.


Brilliant, isn’t it?

Then when they posted the rest of their new EP, “Stalked” on Spotify, I was very impressed. It’s a collection of cover versions and I think they’ve chosen some really great songs to cover. The new versions they have come up with are dark and emotional. It’s always a risk to make another version of a well known and popular song because the originals often mean so much to people and a badly done cover can kill a song. In this case, however, there is no need to worry; SPiN have shown themselves to be masters of the cover version as they add their own ‘spin’ to the songs and make them completely different from the originals and they now stand alone as songs that can be appreciated on their own merits. I like all the songs on the EP, in particular “Happy Together”, which I think is just fantastic. You can listen to the full EP here:

I invited the band here for a chat about the new EP and to find out more about them!

Interview with SPiN


How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

E and Jim met in high school where they were in bands with Hank’s brother; we needed a drummer and found Lou in the local music scene. We released our first full length album in 2010 but were together for a few years before that.


Who were your musical influences when you were growing up?

It varies from member to member. Van Halen to Weezer to Muse to Fall Out Boy to Ours mixed with our dads’ Beatles and classic rock albums.

Your latest EP is a collection of cover versions. What made you decide to do that, and how did you go about choosing which songs to cover?

Interesting story (which ties in to your next question). We were fans of the show “Stalker” and specifically the use of a usually almost unrecognizable cover song at the end of each episode. So we set out to see if we could do our own dark interpretation of a group of well known diverse songs from the ’60s to today. The result was our “Stalked” EP.



You’ve had quite a bit of commercial success with your music including having your excellent new single “Happy Together” featured on the CBS show Stalker. How does it feel when you hear your music on something like that?

It’s great to have some success on this level. We’ve had multiple songs placed on TV etc., but this was a big one for us because the fans of that show are so involved with the music they use.


If you could choose any other TV show to feature your music, which would you choose & why?

It would be cool to get something placed on Better Call Saul, or Walking Dead, just because we love these shows. But we don’t discriminate.

What have been some of the highlights of your time as ‘SPiN’?

Some highlights have happened just this year, such as our song “Happy Together” hitting #1 on the itunes Indie Rock Charts, and the Stalker placement; among other highlights are touring through 3/4 of the US states, playing with multi-platinum bands, songs Charting on CMJ and FMQB and being used on dozens of TV shows, but really just being able to continue to create music we like with no rules and be able to share it with people who dig it is key for us.

What tips would you give to musicians as to how best to promote their music?

Be prepared for lots of “No’s” but don’t let that stop you if you believe in what you’re creating. There are no rules – make all your content (Music, Videos, Photos) as good as can be and keep putting it out there. Eventually people will find it and want more.

You’ve toured with many top bands over the years, including Fuel and Puddle of Mudd. Do you have any favourite touring memories you could share with us?

Many fond memories, most of which we can’t publicly share for fear of self-incrimination. However stealing and consuming all of Puddle of Mudd’s booze from their dressing room and then drunkenly telling Wes about it after their show is one that comes to mind… He just laughed. I would have punched us in the mouth.

Ha, ha! 😀

What are the band’s plans for 2015?

We are releasing 2 EPs very soon, we’re shooting a new music video for the title track of our soon to be released “Jar of Lies” EP, we’re gearing up for some big summer shows, working on our first score for a short film, and we just signed a new sponsorship deal with Coldcock Whiskey.

That’s great! Looks like 2015 will be a big year for you 🙂

Are there any bands that you have yet to tour with but would like to?

Umm, YES. But there’s not enough space on the internet to list them all.


What are your favourite venues to play live?

Some of our hometown venues in Philly like The Electric Factory, the TLA, and the recently opened Coda are great spots. But being on the road often, there are a bunch of spots around the country that hold a special memory (or lack-of) for us such as L.A., San Diego, Nashville, Cleveland, etc…

Any other news for your fans?

Hank is still undergoing anger management treatment, E is considering running for President, Jimmy has announced he will be going out as himself for Halloween again this year and Lou, well, he is the drummer.

Ha, ha! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I wish you continued success and I look forward to the new music! 🙂



SPiN’s sound has been described as: “Classic epic songwriting with a modern pop twist!” (Luke Tozour-Pink, Katy Perry, Mika); “great hooks, melodic rock…and burbling synthesizers” (; “hard-driving power chords and edgy overtones layering over thoughtful, subtle melodic progressions. I am in love” ( and “synth pop with rock aggression and catchy melodies” (

SPiN are:

E – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Jim – Vocals/Synths/Piano

Lou – Drums/Percussion

Hank – Guitar/Vocals





You can get a copy of the new EP, Stalked, on Bandcamp:


It will also be on iTunes soon!

[Originally posted on UK Arts Directory 15th April 2015]



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