CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK announces lineup for 2015

Canadian Music Week, which takes place in Toronto in May, has just announced its lineup for 2015. It’s not very often that I feel a yearning to go to Toronto (am I right, western Canada?), but a lot of great artists and bands will be there, including:

Rival Sons, one of the best bands in the world right now. If you have a chance to see these guys live – do it! (Read my review of their latest album Great Western Valkyrie.)

The Lazys, the Australian sensation that have already picked up a ton of Canadian fans and will be touring Canada with Danko Jones this year. (Read my review of the band’s self-titled album.)

Last Bullet, a Canadian band that absolutely kicks ass: their release Love Lust Illusion is spectacular. Read my review here.

Australian band Sydonia – a very interesting outfit with some great tunes in their repertoire.

Canada’s Glorious Sons – if you listen to Canadian radio, you have heard these guys!

Also, Daniel Lanois will be there. His work is sometimes beyond far-out, but I will always love this man for his work on U2’s The Unforgettable Fire (whatever I may think of U2 today, that album is a masterpiece).

Canadian Music Week takes place May 1 to May 10 in Toronto, Ontario. All ticket and event information can be found at the official website.



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