Album review – DELTA ROSE “Golden”

Delta_Rose_GoldenCalifornia band Delta Rose has put together one heck of a tasty  offering with their new release Golden. The music is full-blooded rock’n’roll with a shot of blues, sizzling with influences from the 1970s and 1980s.

Sporting some seriously seductive guitar power, a heart-thumping rhythm section, and a vocalist who at times evokes the spirit and style of guys like Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler, this band has both the musical skill and the musical muscle to grab your attention and keep it.

Delta Rose is a new acquaintance for me, but they sure know how to introduce themselves: first track “Crazy Little Game” comes on hot and heavy with an irresistible groove, flawless vocals, and stellar guitar work – laying down riffs that are enough to turn your head and raise your pulse. Add a hooky chorus and some teasing-pleasing lyrics, and you’ve got a winning formula.

“Chew Me Up” is another kick-ass track, sweetened by rambling guitars and wickedly cheeky lyrics. By the time the band lays into the third track, the flashy “Problems At Home” – with its rowdy guitar-intro and hip-shaking rhythm – you might as well just give in to the rock’n’roll swagger of Delta Rose: it’s a terrific track that has the fire and strut of Aerosmith and old-school Van Halen.Delta_Rose

Next track “One Is Too Many” flaunts an excellent ZZ-Top vibe, with a heavy and rich blues-rocking sound that makes me want to shake my hair out while drinking cold beer in a dark and sweaty bar (that’s a good thing, surely…).

With some help from Dizzy Reed (of Guns N’ Roses) the band strips down their sound on “10 Long Years” revealing an earnest country-rock twang beneath (there’s a hint of Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” in the mix too). The tune is a nice change of pace with some excellent keys, guitar and vocals, giving you a breather before the band rips into the final track “Golden Umbrella”. This tune starts off with a great acoustic intro before gearing up with some heavy-rumbling bass and drums, thumping riffs and lots of slinky-brash swagger: the vocals are perfect here, just dripping honey and bliss.

Word is that Delta Rose puts on one hell of a live-show, and I believe it: there’s enough heat coming off this release that you know there’s some a real fire burning in these boys.

Delta Rose’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  • Spencer Krasch – Vocals & Guitar
  • Forrest Goss – Guitar
  • Steven Aulcy – Bass
  • Mikey Herrera – Drums


  1. Crazy Little Game
  2. Chew Me Up
  3. Problems At Home
  4. One Is Too Many
  5. 10 Long Years
  6. Golden Umbrella


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